Dirk fan de Groenesteegh

Gerben 479 x Tsjalke 397, stallion

Dirk fan de Groenesteegh, 14-06-2017, stallion, Breeder: Comb. Bulthuis van Teefelen – Wamel

A gorgeous, chique and youthful colt, also originating from the ‘fan de Groenesteegh’ stables. His name is Dirk fan de Groenesteegh and he radiates class and elegance. This foal will feature that incredible pitch-black colour.
His sire is Gerben 479 (sport), the stallion that is active at third level dressage with Sabine v.d. Loenhorst. Gerben is a large stallion sired by Doaitsen 420, this modern bred Friesian has a low relatedness percentage and produced multiple champion foals.
Dam Anke fan ‘e Fjelingen is a well-known name within the Friesian breeding. This beautiful preliminary Kroon mare obtained a 1st premium thrice. Her two previous sons, Max v.d. Kilsdonk and Anders fan de Groenesteegh also obtained a 1st premium.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database