Foal Auction Midden-Nederland provides a Live stream powered by EQuiFilm. When you are unable to personally attend the auction, you can follow the entire auction via this Live stream. On the day of the auction you will find a link to the Live stream on the homepage of this website New this year is our DAI sytem that allows you to not just watch, but experience the auction from home:

Participate in the auction through DAI!

In the 2016 edition, DAI made its debut at Foal Auction Midden-Nederland. Through DAI, interested spectators and potential buyers can optimally follow and understand the auction LIVE, even though they are in a remote position.

DAI will present, combined with a live stream from EQuifilm, not only the latest bid, but also from which area the bid comes. This reveals the dynamics of the bidding game going on at that particular moment in Lunteren. For the remote public, the auction becomes much easier to grasp as it enhances transparency. Nota Bene: use Google Chrome for an optimal result!

In particular, remote bidders will gain from DAI. The insights and overview DAI provides, simply compensates for the lack of information remote bidders face. Thus, DAI lowers the threshold for remote bidders to easily participate by telephone.

If you want to learn more about Dynamic Auction Information, please have a look at More about EQuifilm is to be found at

Do you want to participate by telephone on September 6th? Please contact the organisation and send an e-mail to