El Barone x Quick Star
Dhr. M. Brands

Pablo Sino B is another product from the widespread Sina line. Mother B-Ursina shows through her offspring directly what this line is known for. Father El Barone 111 Z is a son of the famous Emerald from a mother of Libero H. Institution and jumping genes are therefore frequently present. It is then again an impressive row of stallions that passes in this pedigre. Quickstar, Nimmerdor, Notaris and then the well-known trio, Farn, Marco Polo ,Sinaeda.
That’s the father line, but what to say about no less than 5 performance mares in a row. It is clear that with these stallions and mares there is an abundance of sport in the offspring. Pablo Sino MB will continue this tradition with a certain probability.


Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database