Kensington ZG

Kentucky vh Ruytershof x Berlin x Almox Prints J
W.M.M. Zegers, Reek

Kentucky van het Ruytershof is of high genetic value as direct offspring to Diamanthina. The full sister of Emarald jumped at Grand Prix level herself and she is dam of Le Blue Diamant and the For Pleasure-son Kentucky. At the dam side, we spot the powerhouse Berlin. Dam Easyrena MB is half-sister to the 1.40m classified Darena and Cirena II Z. The latter is also registered as dam of Nereno Z who jumped in 1.55m classes with Wiljan Laarakkers. Granddam Pavillo Z is half-sister to Kevin who even reached the 1.60m level. Those are qualities that she probably inherited from her 1.40m jumping dam.

Pedigree via Horsetelex