Olivia Karla

Franklin x Vivaldi x Wellington
G.B.M. Loeters, Didam
bruin, ET-foal

The pedigree of Olivia Karla makes the hearts of dressage enthusiast beat a little faster. Despite her young age, dam Encanta Kara is already competing at Prix Sint George level. The expectations are only getting higher if we tell that her half-brother Preston already has arrived at ZZ-Licht level as well. Granddam Ratina also competed at Z2 level, will Olivia Karla be the next in line? The odds are certainly in her favour, looking at her movements and the fact that sire Franklin is also bringing some great quality to the table. A stallion that convinces in every aspect of dressage and has shown so much already in breeding. This branch of the Karla dam line is the base for the international classified Zanzibar (f. Ronaldo), Toledo (f. Freestyle) and Ucaran (f. Nobility).

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database