Odessa Karla

Glock's Toto jr x Vivaldi x Wellington
Fam Loeters, Didam

Vivaldi-daughter Encanta Karla flew through the dressage levels with Mireille ten Have and this year she focused on breeding. Up till now, she won 7 out of 8 dressage tests in the ZZ-Zwaar and Prix St George classes, amongst them the subtop competition in Almelo. Paired with Glocks Toto Jr, a stallion that lives up to the expectations set by his pedigree. Next to his own achievements, he seems to bring one top horse after the other. At the moment, he already has ten approved sons, three of which are registered at the KWPN studbook. Combined with the qualities of Small Tour dam Encanta Karla, the selection committee was more than happy to add Odessa Karla to their collection.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database