Nairo N.D.

Hennessy x Vivaldi x Amethist, stallion

Nairo N.D., 08-04-2018, ET-foal, stallion, N.W.J. Duineveld, Hem
Fully proved genetics can be found in the pedigree of this interesting bred colt. Sire Hennesy carries with De Niro and Jazz the best blood in the world. His slightly few offspring stand out with space in the gates, suppleness and a powerful hind leg that is always under the body. Coming back to the proven genetics we don’t have to dig deep with this colt. Mother Duna scores at the age of 10 years already in the ZZ-licht class and carry the Elite status. Half-sister Shiela is also ZZ-licht classified and out of the same mother comes Wianna who is competing ZZ-zwaar at the moment. A damline that is full with predicates and a huge sport career in the background is what makes this colt the perfect member to raise.
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