Pedigrees 2019 collection

This year, the Dutch Top Foals auction received over 550 applications! We are happy with the trust granted by the breeders and the selection committee has selected a beautiful groep of foals. The past week, we have had the photo/video days and a peek can be found on our social media. Below you find the pedigrees of the selected foal. Our aim is to publish the collection at the end of July!

Merrie Springen Apardi Guidam
Merrie Springen Balou du Rouet Goldfever
Merrie Springen Cantona Numero Uno
Merrie Springen Carrera VDL Up to Date
Hengst Springen Casall Quidam de Revel
Hengst Springen Cornet Obolensky Balougran Z
Hengst Dressuur Daily Diamond Bojengel
Hengst Dressuur Daily Diamond Gribladi
Hengst Dressuur Desperado Jazz
Merrie Dressuur Dream Boy Davino V.O.D.
Merrie Springen Easy Top de Courcel Quick Star
Hengst Springen Eldorado vd Zeshoek Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve
Hengst Springen Elvis ter Putte Zirocco Blue VDL
Merrie Springen Epleaser van t Heike Quidam de Revel
Merrie Dressuur Escamillo Floriscount
Merrie Dressuur Expression Glocks Toto jr.
Hengst Dressuur Ferdinand Sir Sinclair
Hengst Dressuur Ferdinand Gribaldi
Hengst Dressuur Fontaine TN Ferro
Hengst Dressuur Fontaine TN Fidertanz
Hengst Dressuur Fontaine TN Apache
Merrie Dressuur For Ferrero Oscar
Hengst Dressuur For Ferrero Houston
Merrie Dressuur For Romance Johnson
Merrie Dressuur Franklin Vivaldi
Merrie Dressuur Franklin Vivaldi
Hengst Dressuur Fürst Jazz Gribaldi
Hengst Dressuur Fürst Jazz Zonik
Hengst Dressuur Fürst Romancier Hotline
Hengst Springen Glasgow vh Merelsnest Corland
Hengst Dressuur Governor Rhodium
Hengst Springen Harley VDL Etoulon VDL
Hengst Springen Harley VDL Indorado
Hengst Dressuur Improver VDT United
Merrie Dressuur Incognito De Niro
Merrie Dressuur Indian Rock Ampère
Hengst Springen Jardonay Heartbreaker
Hengst Dressuur Just Wimphof Gribaldi
Hengst Dressuur Just Wimphof Apache
Merrie Springen Kannan jr. Indoctro
Hengst Springen Kentucky vh Ruytershof Berlin
Hengst Dressuur Kingston Negro
Hengst Dressuur Kingston Blue Hors Johnson
Merrie Springen Kobalt VDL Concorde
Hengst Springen Nixon van ‘t Meulenhof Tangelo v/d Zuuthoeve
Hengst Springen Poker de Mariposa I’m Special de Muze
Hengst Springen Poker de Mariposa Levisto Z
Hengst Springen Quite Capitol Cento
Merrie Dressuur Romanov Ferro
Hengst Dressuur Romanov Blue Hors Davino V.O.D.
Merrie Dressuur Sezuan De Niro
Hengst Dressuur Spielberg Florencio
Hengst Dressuur Taminiau San Remo
Hengst Springen Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve Numero Uno
Hengst Fries Tiede 501 Lammert 260
Hengst Fries Tiede 501 Meinse 439
Merrie Fries Tiede 501 Meinse 439
Merrie Fries Tiede 501 Uldrik
Hengst Fries Tjebbe 500 Maurus 441
Hengst Fries Tjebbe 500 Doaitsen 420
Hengst Dressuur Total US Armani
Hengst Dressuur Toto JR Charmeur
Merrie Dressuur Toto JR Flemmingh
Merrie Dressuur Toto JR Vivaldi
Merrie Dressuur Toto JR Jazz
Hengst Springen Untouchable Cornet Obolensky
Merrie Springen Up to Date Mermus R
Merrie Springen Verdi Nonstop
Hengst Dressuur Zenon Flemmingh