Outlook JB

Jardonnay x Heartbreaker x Zeus
J.M. Breukink, Brummen

If you can only name one stallion that left his mark on the modern jumper breeding, it must be Heartbreaker. Directly, but also through the damline. The blood of Heartbreaker brings sharpness, reflexes, blood and a winners mentality. In short, all characteristics needed in the jumping sport these days. Type, size and scope are added via sire Jaronnay to this Outlook JB. One quick look at the pedigree teaches us that mother Bo-Imoo is half-sister to the 1.40m classified stallion Montgomery and Ino Matcho who jumps at the height of 1.35m. She is also aunt to U2-Imoo (1.50m), Agassi-Imoo (1.45m), Ulano (1.60m) and Torbecca VLD (1.60m). All different sires and dams, but common denominator is granddam Dark-Imoo (f. Zeus), who could be the decisive factor in Outlook JB as well.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database