Kannan Jr x Indoctro x Up to Date
H.J.C. Visser, Aarlanderveen

We see here young blood that is combined with a proven dam line. Kannan junior is just recently approved at the KWPN studbook. With some pride we present you one of his first offspring. Combined to the full sister of Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen’s 1.40m jumping Hendriek, the latter was also sold via this auction. Also. the second dam jumped at international 1.40m level. That same grandmother is the mare Caronette who is able to call herself half-sister to the KWPN stallion Advance. Every detail about the story fits right, and so does this foal. At least you will be one step ahead with the first offspring of this recently approved Kannan junior. Two actually, since Oranette was crowned to be his best foal at the KWPN offspring inspection.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database