Jumanji SIH (ET)

(Action Beaker x Quidam de Revel SF x Calvados)

Jumanji SIH (ET), 06/12/2014, stallion, Mr. L. Hiemstra, Drijber
The legacy of the international 1.50m-jumping mare Harmonie is impressive. She is the dam of the international jumper Manet (s.Colino), the 1.40m jumpers Vamp (s.Colino) and Wildcard (s. Carnute), the national jumping stallion Litho (s.Landon) and the 1.30m-jumper and KWPN approved stallion Dutch Design (s.Dollar de la Pierre). This performance line of Martien Liefhebber not only achieved success in sports, also at the performance tests these mares show off their huge qualities. That makes dam Check-In with her perfect score of 83.5 points at the mare test no exception at all. The Grand Prix-jumping stallion Action Breaker brings in his exclusive sport genes to the pedigree. His eldest offspring already jumps at international level.
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