Rock fan de Groenesteegh

Auwert 514 x Harmen 424
B. van Teeffelen

This colt stands out because of his pedigree, his looks and movement. He is one of the first offspring of Auwert 514. Auwert is one of the most popular stallions in the Friesian horse studbook. On the first breeding day in Lunteren, a daughter of Auwert became Foal Champion straight away. Rock’s dam line is special. Dam Meike fan de Groenesteegh (ster) is a mare by Harmen 424. Her son Easter fan de Groenesteegh, who was sold at our auction in 2017, was already selected for the riding test and is performing very successfully under saddle. Meike is a direct descendant from the well-known Boszorg line. One of the best lineages of the Friesian horse studbook from which so many Model and Preferent mares have emerged. This line goes back to mare Whita (model)! This Rock is therefore very interesting to keep for the KFPS stallion selection!