Fedde fan de Groenesteegh

Bartele 472 x Wikke 404, stallion

Fedde fan de Groenesteegh, 02-04-2017, stallion, Comb. Bulthuis van Teefelen – Wamel
Another colt of the well-known Fan de Groenesteegh stables, a son of Bartele 472 sport out of a top breeding damline with dam Anke Veikje R, a Kroon mare by Wikke 404 Sport. Anke Veikje R obtained a 1st premium twice and scored 78 points for her IBOP.
Sire Bartele 472 is active in the dressage sport with Marijke Folmer, the stallion became champion KFPS dressage in Kootwijk before and is showing great potential for the higher-level dressage figures. The first crop sons of Bartele is a uniform collection of appealing horses, out of the presented group no less than 8 stallions were invited to the second-round viewing.
Fedde fan de Groenesteegh certainly inherited the well-modeled front and his chique appearance of sire Bartele 472.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database