Easter fan de Groenesteegh

Alwin 469 x Harmen 424, stallion

Easter fan de Groenesteegh, 17-04-2017, stallion, Breeder: Comb. Bulthuis van Teefelen – Wamel

A remarkable powerful colt sired by Alwin 469. At the moment, Alwin 469 is the most popular breeding stallion and the crowd pleaser of the latest stallion shows.
Easter fan de Groenesteegh is born in the stables of Combinatie Bulthuis/Van Teefelen in Wamel. In this ‘fan de Groenesteegh’ stables many successful Friesian came into this world. Dam of Easter fan de Groenesteegh is the ster mare Meike fan de Groenesteegh (s.Harmen 424 sport) and her dam is the ster preferente Joys Boszorg out of the well-known predicate rich ‘Boszorg-family’ (line 50). This golden lineage also produced the approved stallions Stendert 447 and Bartele 472.
Easter fan de Groenesteegh is the first foal of this mare and has a skyrocketing expectation value.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database