Drys ut de Westereen

Omer 493 x Arjen 417, stallion

Drys ut de Westereen, 13-04-2017, stallion, P. Kamminga – Zwaagwesteinde

A striking son of Omer 493, Drys ut de Westereen. Omer 493 is currently the most unrelated breeding stallion of the KFPS. Omer 493 is a high-blooded and youthful stallion that is successfully competing in the dressage ring with Nynke Mulder, this pair is selected for the Regional Championships of the Province of Gelderland 2017.
The colt Drys ut de Westereen clearly inherited many characteristics of his sire Omer 493. This colt trots with lots of suppleness and elasticity through the arena. Also the walk is remarkably well-developed. The foal scores low on the inbreeding percentage and has a low degree of relatedness of 16.1%. This makes this colt very interesting as a breeding stallion prospect.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database