Bartele 472 x Janke fan e Wigeri v.Abel 344 (merrie)

Benthe, 15-04-2016, mare, Breeder: W.C.M. Brunekreeft, Lunteren
This very attractive mare is calle Benthe and she is sired by the stallion Bartele 472. She received the well-desired first premium at the inspections in Kootwijk. Benthe is bred out of a ster-mare sired by Abel 344.
Sire Bartele 472 was crowned champion at the same site in Kootwijk during the Post Kogeko Dressage Championships. Marijke Folmer is happily competing with Bartele in the dressage sports. Judging give nothing but praise to this pair. The stallion has a lot of pressence and great basis gaits. Bartele 472 seems very talented for higher level dressage. In the last year 29 foals by Bartele 472 received a first premium, that makes the stallion a frontrunner in this department.
Benthe is remarkably easy-going and has a very pleasant character.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database