Governor x Dayano
Dhr. J Mol

Pina Colada M is a colt from the stallion Governor, the Totilaszoon who does great in sport and breeding. He won a silver medal twice at the World Championships together with Adelinde Cornelissen and he is now very successful in the Light Tour. He also does well in breeding. In the meantime, 10 sons of him are approved by various studbooks. Because of his achievements and those of his children, Governor has a breeding value of 172. In the mare line of Pina Colada M. we  see the stallions Dayano, from the German D line of Donnerhall, the stallion who passes movement  Flemmingh and fourth the stallion of the century, Nimmerdor. A very reliable line from with a lot of sports in it.


Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database Keuringsformulier