Lennox US x Everdale
Mevr. J.C. Wintermans-Vink

Paviola W is the second foal of Lennox U.S. in the auction. Lennox U.S. is very nicely bred. As a sire we know the GP stallion Grand galaxy Win and then two pref. stallions behind it, Rousseau and Jazz. His dam Herarona is the sister of the GP stallion Blue Hors Zack who does well with Daniel Bachmann Andersen for example 5th at the European Championships and fourth in the World Cup final. So Lennox U.S. lineage is fine. He is a stallion with a good attitude who has a lot of willingness to work. Dam Idola is from the GP stallion Everdale who also does very well with Charlotte Fry. Second mother Taviola is Z2 dressage and her father is the well known Krack C. Tthird mother Kaviola (PREST) is a daughter of the stallion who gave both jumping horses and dressage horses, Wellington.


Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database Keuringsformulier