Glock,s Toto jr x Negro
Dhr. T. Bergmans

Parero is a colt from the Bottie line. Sire Glock’s Toto jr is already a celebrity in both sport and breeding at a relatively young age. Nine years young, father of Governor, Glock’s King Karim and Glock’s Taminiau and recently ridden by Edward Gall to a score of almost 80% in the GP. Dam Bione is a prok pref. elite mare of the famous Negro, she is also the mother of a designated stallion of Governor. Grandmother Sione is pref.prest. of the Trakehner Mataro, son of the thoroughbred Sir Shostakovich. This is also the line of the GP horse Rifradin and the stallion Mondraan.

Pedigree via Horsetelex Pedigree via KWPN Database