Total US x Armani x Houston
J.M. Zomer, Kerkenveld

Dam Gerliane earned both the sport and elite predicates. That means she proved her worth both at the mare inspections and in the dressage arena. Something her half-sisters Darliane (f.Santano) and Iliane (f.Chippendale) also achieved by competing at Z-level dressage. Their dam Vadihouston is grandam to the Prix St. George level classified Elian (f. Sir Oldenburg) and Gladstone (f. Bodyguard) who competes in ZZ-licht classes with British amazon Sophie Wells. Closely related is the stallion Blue Hors Kingston (f. Toto Jr.) who is recently approved for breeding. Sire Toto Jr. is one of the most outstanding stallions we have seen in the last year. That must be the reason for the transfer to the Glock Horse Performance Center.

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