For Ferrero x Krack C x Ferro, mare

Novatoga, 10-04-2018, mare, WFFS-free, L. Meijer & C.B.F.M. van der Meer, Noordwijkerhout
With 85 points For Ferrero stood in the spotlights during the performance test. A stallion with an extraordinary well walk, graded with 90 points. And a test report that passed with flying colours where almost on all parts were rewarded with 8.5 or higher. Mother Artoga was as a foal auctioned here at foalauction Midden-Nederland. Nowadays she achieved the elite and sport predicate, and on competitions she made furore in the Z2 classes. She is also registered as mother to E.T. (s. Tango) which we could see in the Z1 classes in Great-Brittain. Two steps back in pedigree we can find the noticeable presence of Ufarno and Amulet. Famous KWPN approved stallions who earned their tracks in breeding and may call themselves half-brothers to the great grandmother of this foal. Novatoga was awarded the D-OC predicate.
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