Nisroi B

Ghandi x Dorado x Jazz, stallion

Nisroi B, 08-04-2018, stallion, P. van den Broek, Nistelrode
Bojengel’s son Ghandi is famed by his fantastic character and movements. He was crowned as reserve champion of the Pavo-Cup 2017. Here in combination with Dorado who now in Denmark works on his career under the saddle of Anna Zibrandtsen. Sport can be found a little further in the damline. But then follows a long line of dressage horses at high levels. Like this is the Grand Prix classified Romanoff (s. Jazz) with Vai Bruntink. But also Bunolita (ZZ-Zwaar), Ebony (Light tour), Fanolite (ZZ_Zwaar), and Wynona RB (Light Tour). Experts can see that these are respectively young horses so the chance that this line will develop strong on short terms is high.

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