Nassau B

Glock's Toto Jr x Jazz x Rubinstein I, stalion

Nassau B, 15-03-2018, stallion, Comb. Bleeker, Nijverdal
The First approved son of Totilas matches his expectations so far. Or when, in this case, his foals been brought to life. Combined with the sharpness of Jazz and the class of Rubinstein I delivers Clock’s Toto jr in case of the cold Nassau B a great performance. One look to the damline of mother Emma B (s. Jazz) will open eyes. Grandmother Julia B has undoubtedly passed on her qualities after a sportive career at ZZ-Zwaar levels. And from her offspring are two horses PSG-classefied, two are performing at the Z2 level and one is starting in the ZZ-light classes. She is also the full sister to the Grand Prixe mare Reine B and grandmother to the approved Netzo (s. Negro). The Burga family is definitely on the map with this branch.
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