Luxuriouzz v/d Waalsehoeve

Johnson TN x San Remo x Faram (stallion)

Luxuriouzz v/d Waalsehoeve, 28-04-2016, stallion, Waalsehoeve, Tull en ‘t Waal
Sire Glock’s Johnson TN belongs to worlds best dressage horses with Hans Peter Minderhoud and competed at the Olympic Games this year. Also as a breeding stallion this former champion stallion is standing out, with very successful progeny like Bretton Woods, Boston STH, Meggle’s Boston and Butopiar. In this pedigree he is united with Walida van de Waalsehoeve. She scored 80 points for her movements at the mare inspections, passed the IBOP mare test and competed at third level. Her eldest offspring is also performing on this level. She is sired by San Remo, whose eldest progeny is successful on national top level such as Winner, Walenka and Ziroco. Granddam Kalida is also in the damline of the fourth level dressage horse Octanorm Zombra (s.Ruben G). Klik hier voor afstamming via horsetelex
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