Son of Toto jr. Parero favorite topfoal auction Midden-Nederland

The 18e edition of the topfoal auction Midden-Nederland was a special one.
With a small amount of buyers on the VIP and a lot of (international) online bidders it became a successful one. Highlights of the evening were Parero, Nyko K.V. and Pamako Vinio MB.

Past few months it was quite insecure wether and how the auction would take place. Due to the coronavirus it was not possible to have a full audience present. But never the less the atmosphere was great with 120 persons on the VIP and all the present breeders.

For the first time this year we had the possibility to bid online. A lot of people used this opportunity. Before the auction started the approved KWPN stallion Investment IB (v. Kannan, g. I. Boon en f. D. Markhorst,) who as a foal was auctioned at our auction, was honored. After that audience favorite Parero (v. Glock’s Toto jr. x Bione v. Negro, f. T. Bergmans) moved spectacular and was sold for  €41.000,-. Bids came from The Netherlands, Denmark, US, Australia, Spain and United Kingdom for this colt. At the end Helgstrand from Denmark had the highest bid!

For the jumping foals there was a lot of interest in Pamako Vinio MB. This son of Bamako de Muze (uit Elvinia MB v. Indoctro, f. Highfield Genetics) showed his qualities over and over again and left the auction at €13.000,- to a Dutch buyer. Echo van de Boxem (v. Echo van ’t Spieveld x Jorriena v. Elvis ter Putte, f. E. Brandt en J. van Dijk) en Aayden ZG Z (v. All Star 5 x Easyrena MB v. Berlin, f. W.M.M. Zegers) are both going overseas to Ireland. They were sold for respectively €11.000,- en €8.500,-. Playboy TN (v. Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Victoria v. Fuego du Prelet, f. H. Helmink) stays in The Netherlands and was sold for €11.000,-. Buyers from Hungary were in a good mood and bought as many as four jumping foals.

As auction favorite Parero also Prinses Ceroon (v. Koning x Lavendel Ceroon v. Expression, f. Fam. Van Norel)was appreciated by the intenational buyers audience. This filly leaves for Australia. Bids did come for Pirate Veluw (v. Johnny Depp x Rilona v. Lester) and he was sold for €11.000,- to Dutch buyers. Traditionally also this year we had a Frysian foal in our collection.The bold Nyko K.V. (v. Willem 508 x Nynke K.V. v. Onne 376) stays in The Netherlands and was sold for €14.000,- by auctioneer Johan Wilmink.

The organisation of our auction can look back on a special and successful 18e edition. There was interest from countries all over the world such as Australia, Belgium, Chili, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Libanon, Lithuania, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the US. The average price was almost €8.000,-. Chairman Joop van Wessel: “We are proud that after such an insecure period we have managed to accomplish a beautiful event. If I knew upfront that it would be like this I would have signed for it.”