OS TOKYO: Galanthos and Mouda Zeyada ended up 19th in the individual final!

What a week! We enjoyed every moment of Galanthos (v. Arthos) and his rider Mouda Zeyada. In the individual final on Wednesday they showed again what they can! With 8 penalty’s, the duo ended up 19th between the best riders of the world. A impressive result for these Olympic debutants.

On Friday Egypt started for the first time in 60 years with a team in the team qualifier. After a couple of big courses, Galanthos and Mouda Zeyada ended with Team Egypt on a 11th place. A great result for a team with young combinations.

Dutch Top Foals is more than proud of Galanthos and Mouda Zeyada! We wish them all the best in the future! PARIS 2024.. Be prepared!

Congratulations to the breeder Stal Shakira, owner Janine Niens-Opendorp, who bought Galanthos at our auction in 2011 and of course Mouda Zeyada and the whole team behind him!